25 Days of Drabble

Author: Raindrops on Roses

Rating: PG-13
Category: Drabble; Various

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. I hope that should suffice, because there are too many fandoms here to list all of the people to whom they do belong.

Author's Note: I wrote a drabble a day for the 25 days leading up to Christmas 2004. This is the result.

{Day 1: NCIS}{Day 2: Law & Order: SVU}{Day 3: Law & Order}{Day 4: Harry Potter}{Day 5: Law & Order: SVU/Stargate: SG-1}{Day 6: Kushiel Series}{Day 7: The West Wing}{Day 8: The West Wing}{Day 9: Stargate: SG-1/NCIS}{Day 10: The West Wing}{Day 11: JAG/NCIS}{Day 12: NCIS}{Day 13: NCIS}{Day 14: NCIS}{Day 15: The West Wing}{Day 16: Stargate: SG-1/NCIS}{Day 17: JAG}{Day 18: Law & Order: SVU}{Day 19: JAG}{Day 20: NCIS}{Day 21: NCIS}{Day 22: NCIS/The West Wing}{Day 23: NCIS}{Day 24: NCIS}{Day 25: JAG/NCIS}

Day 1: NCIS (McGee, Tony)

"McGee, move your head."

The agent gave him a blank stare. "What?"

"You heard me," Tony replied impatiently.

"Why?" The stare was quickly replaced with confusion.

"Kate's here with a date. You think it's Harrison?" Tony tried to see the man's face--with no luck.

"Yes, Tony. Because I've actually seen him before," McGee said.

"Was that... sarcasm, Probie?" Tony's attention was jolted from Kate's mysterious male friend. "I knew you had sense of humor. Even if it is more like Kate's than mine."

McGee rolled his eyes. He'd discovered that letting Tony talk himself out was best for everyone.

Day 2: Law & Order: SVU (Alex/Olivia; Olivia, Elliot)

The hum in the bullpen was lower than usual. Olivia appreciated the quiet.

"Hey, Olivia. Cragen says you can take off for the day."

Olivia blinked at her partner. "Huh?"

"Go on; get out of here," Elliot said. "Go out and get hammered or something."

Olivia smiled sadly and shook her head. Drinking herself into oblivion held no appeal that night. "Nah. I think I'll stay for a while. Finish up some of this paperwork."

"Liv..." Elliot considered his words carefully. "We haven't forgotten. We just... didn't want to hurt you by mentioning it."

She nodded. "I know. Thanks, Elliot."

Day 3: Law & Order (Jack/Serena)

"You were going to leave without saying goodbye."

Serena nearly dropped her box. She hauled her purse strap back onto her shoulder, and tightened her hold on the box. "I thought it would be easiest."

"For whom?" Jack asked.

Serena's lips tightened. She stepped onto the elevator. "Everyone."

Jack followed her. He leaned against the wall and watched her. "You know," he said, "I never took you for a coward."

The box landed with a thud as Serena acted with an aggression Jack had only seen inside the courtroom.

"I'm no coward, Jack," Serena said as she broke the kiss.

Day 4: Harry Potter (Luna, Hermione)

"Santa Claus is nothing but a warped reconstruction of a religious legend!"

"How do you know that?" Luna's detached tones grated on Hermione's already frayed nerves.

"Do you have any scientific evidence that supports the existence of Santa Claus?" the other woman demanded.

Luna laughed; a high-pitched, silvery laugh that still startled Hermione.

Hermione huffed. "What is so funny?"

The laugh cut off abruptly. "Do you have faith in anything, Hermione?" Luna asked. The look in her eyes was sharper than Hermione had ever seen.

"I believe in what I can see."

Luna gave her a look of utter pity.

Day 5: Law & Order: SVU/Stargate: SG-1 (Olivia/Sam; Alex/Olivia, Sam/Janet)

It was all wrong, but they didn't care.

Her hair was blonde, but too short. It didn't feel right when she ran her hands through it. Her eyes were blue, but they weren't the silvery shade that she loved.

She was too tall. It was strange to be able to kiss her without straining her neck. Her hands were callused in the wrong places, more used to a gun than a scalpel.

She wasn't dead, only gone.

She was dead, but they'd known of ways to bring her back.

It was wrong, but it let them forget for a while.

Day 6: Kushiel Series (Imriel/Alais)

Love as thou wilt. The first precept of Blessed Elua, and it is the one by which all D'Angelines live their lives.

However, no one knows how difficult it is to follow, when one is a member of House Courcel.

Or the son of a traitor.

I watch her swirl across the dance floor. She is masked, like everyone else here, but I know her. If those violet Courcel eyes did not give her away, then her bright, lively laugh would.

Elua knows, I love her. But no love could survive between a Prince and a Princess of the Blood.

Day 7: The West Wing (CJ/Sam)

"Follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"My office."

"Is there a thing?"

"There's always a thing."

"But is there a thing that I should be worried about?"

"Sam, if we had just solved world hunger, discovered a cure for cancer, and created peace in the Middle East, you'd find something to be worried about."

"Hey, I'm not that bad."

"Sure you're not."

"So what's this about, if there isn't a thing?"

"Apparently, we're having a torrid affair."


"Yeah, I thought you might say that."

"But that's--that's--"

"If you say ridiculous, Spanky, don't be surprised at the consequences."

"Of course I wouldn't say that. Why would I say that? You're a beautiful woman, CJ. Any man would be honored to--"

"Have a torrid affair with me?"

"Do you have to say it like that?"

"You know, I didn't think it was possible to turn that shade of red."

Day 8: The West Wing (CJ/Ainsley)


Ainsley looked up from the papers strewn across her desk. "CJ! Is something wrong?"

"No." CJ leaned against the doorframe. Ainsley didn't think she'd ever seen the press secretary seem so... nervous? Tense? "Listen, Josh didn't mean... I mean, that's just how he is."

"Yeah, he can be a real jerk sometimes." Ainsley paused. "But what if he was right? I mean, it's not entirely unheard of, is it?"

CJ blinked. "Josh being right, or...?"

"Both. Either."

"No, not entirely unheard of." CJ smirked. "But extremely rare, in Josh's case."

"If he was right... what would that mean?"

"Nothing." CJ's brow furrowed. "The White House does not make it a habit to meddle in its staffers' sex lives. The Tale of Sam Seaborn and the Law School Prostitute notwithstanding."

Ainsley laughed softly at the dry remark. "Good. Good." She met CJ's eyes for a fleeting moment. "Look, you want to go get something to eat? I'm starving."

"Where do you put it all? If I ate like you did, I'd look like a horse." CJ shook her head ruefully.

"A Thoroughbred, though," Ainsley smiled.

CJ laughed. "And Josh wonders why we keep you around."

Day 9: Stargate: SG-1/NCIS (Gibbs/Kate, Jack/Kate; Gibbs, Jack, Ducky, Daniel, Kate)

That smug, all-knowing grin was really starting to get on his nerves. He was already off-balance, and he didn't like it.

Kate, oblivious to the rising testosterone levels--or perhaps not giving a damn--watched Ducky and Daniel, smiling amusedly. Gibbs watched Kate watching the two doctors.

"A bibliophile is someone who collects rare books--like you. But do you know what someone who sells rare books is called?"

"A bibliopole."

"Ah, yes--I forgot you were a linguist."

"You've never asked her out on a date, have you?"

Gibbs bit back a snarl. "I don't get involved with colleagues."

Jack shrugged. "Your loss. Mind if I ask--"

"Yeah, actually, I do. We're on a case."

"Hey, I didn't mean now. Besides, she can make that decision for herself, right?"

Gibbs turned an icy blue glare onto the Air Force general. Jack backed off, obviously fighting a smile. "Okay, okay. On a case. Right."

Day 10: The West Wing (CJ/Simon)

"I have a phone to my ear. What does that mean to you?"

"I shouldn't be talking." CJ waited--impatiently, she admitted silently--for Simon to hang up.

"Yes, sir. Thank you." He turned off the phone. "You need to get inside, Ms. Cregg." He placed a hand on her elbow.

"Wait--aren't we going to finish our conversation?" CJ asked, a bit put out.

"You mean our shouting match? Not until I'm no longer on your protection detail." Her stomach dropped. She realized she'd been hoping the call was to tell Simon--Agent Donovan--that her stalker had been caught.

"Who was that?"

"My boss. They think the guy's here."

"In New York?"

"You need to get inside," the Secret Service agent repeated.

"Okay, okay! But we're going to finish this conversation later." CJ turned to go into the theater.

"Yes, ma'am." If she hadn't known he had no sense of humor, she'd almost think Agent Donovan was being sarcastic.

Day 11: JAG/NCIS (Bud, McGee)

"Commander Roberts?"

"Yes?" The commander looked up. McGee could hardly believe that the man was only in his mid-thirties.

"I'm Special Agent McGee. We, uh, had a meeting?"

"Of course. Please, sit." He started shuffling through his files. "The... Perry case, right?"

"Yes." McGee sat and studied the room.

Later, he would shake his head in awe. Bud Roberts, by all accounts, had been a bit like him when he was younger--brilliant, but socially awkward and easily flustered. But the man he had spoken with was utterly sure of himself. McGee was almost--almost--envious.

He wasn't certain, though, that he'd want to undergo the same baptism of fire.

Day 12: NCIS (Gibbs/Kate; Tony, Kate, Gibbs)

"I don't think so."

The words were spoken in unison, but neither person moved.

"You have to kiss. It's tradition."

"Dinozzo, I have a suggestion for you." Kate glared at the grinning man.

"Yeah? What's that?"


"Hide," Gibbs growled.

"Because you're a dead man." Unison again.

Tony paled, and they both smirked. When he recovered, he said, "I notice you still haven't moved away from the doorway."

"Get out of the way--"

"--and maybe we can."

"Oh, right." He stumbled over his feet, reminiscent of McGee, who was still trying to wrestle something out of the car.

Kate shook her head and looked up at Gibbs. She placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Merry Christmas, Gibbs." Her voice was wry, but her eyes sparkled with humor.

Gibbs resisted the uncharacteristic urge to smile and replied, "Merry Christmas, Kate."

Neither noticed the flash go off from outside.

Day 13: NCIS (Tony, Kate; McGee/Kate)

"You know, maybe we're being too hard on him."

Tony gave Kate a look of disbelief. "Come on, Kate! It's a tradition."

"It's hazing, and I don't think it's fun anymore." Kate frowned and crossed her arms.

"Jeez, Kate, what's gotten into you?"

"McGee's proven he can be a productive member of the team, and I think the trial period should be over."

"What, and I haven't?"

"That's not what I said."

"But it's what you meant."

"No, it wasn't!" Kate sighed. "Look, Tony, I know I was ready to shoot you by this point. How much worse do you think it is for McGee? I mean, there are two of us now."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Kate. You know, I think you've got a crush on the little..."

"Tony! I do not!"

An evil grin spread over Tony's features. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Kate scowled.

Day 14: NCIS (OT4)


"Yeah, boss?"

"How much rum did you put in the eggnog?"

"Me? I didn't put any in there."

"I think McGee did it."

"Remind me to give him a raise."

"I think... you already have."


"What? 'S obviously the truth, Timmy."

"How much eggnog have you had?"

"Uh... four glasses. Why?"

"Because that sounds like something Tony would say."

"Watch it, Probie."

"Like Kate said, it's obviously the truth."


"Don't call me that."

"Timmy, Timmy, Timmy..."

"Would you two stop--"

"Wow. Would you look at that? McGee found a way to shut Tony up for once."

Day 15: The West Wing (CJ, Josh)

"She is scary when she's angry."

"Who is?" CJ smirked as the two men froze in panic.

"Uh... Ainsley," Josh lied smoothly.

CJ raised an eyebrow. "Uh-huh. Sam, would you excuse us for a moment?"

"Sure thing." Sam escaped, sighing in relief as he closed the door behind him.

"You know, Josh, you really shouldn't talk about people behind their backs," CJ started, deceptively calm.

"Um... yeah, well..." Josh rubbed the back of his neck.

"After all, you never know who will just happen to be listening in on your conversations." CJ smirked at Josh's nervous swallow.

"Technically, I outrank you." Ah, there it was. That Lyman bravado.

"Motherboard, Joshua."

"Yes, ma'am." A meek Josh Lyman. Wonders would never cease.

Day 16: Stargate: SG-1/NCIS (Tony, Abby, McGee, Sam)

Uh-oh. Tony knew that look. It was the same look Kate got whenever presented with the opportunity to verbally demolish him.

With Abby and McGee, though, it was for a different reason.


"You guys can't stay here forever, you know." He flashed a winning smile at Colonel Carter. "Not that I would mind." She rolled her eyes and turned back to her very explosive-looking experiment.

"Look at this, Tony!" Abby said, gesturing wildly. "This is like... like..."

"Science geek nirvana?" he suggested.

"Exactly!" the wonder twins chimed.

Tony shrugged. Whatever. "I wonder if there's anything to eat around here."

Day 17: JAG (AJ/Mac)

"Should I ask what you're doing?"

The amused voice didn't make her miss a beat. "It should be obvious."

He picked up a dart and shook his head. "I do have a dartboard, you know. So you don't keep putting holes in your wall."

"I'll fix it before I move out." She grinned savagely as one of the darts went straight between the photograph's leering eyes. "Stupid asshat."

AJ raised an eyebrow. "Asshat? Never heard of that one."

Mac shrugged. "It fits, though."

"What did he do this time?" When she turned to him, there were tears in her eyes.

Day 18: Law & Order: SVU (Olivia, Elliot)

"Shh. Did you hear that?" Elliot drew his gun.

"Hear what?" Olivia listened closely. A scratching came from somewhere nearby.

"The closet." Olivia nodded as Elliot gestured toward the door. She reached for the doorknob slowly. At Elliot's nod, she yanked the door open. He brought his gun to the ready.

A look of combined amusement and exasperation crossed his face as he holstered his weapon. Olivia glanced at him quizzically, then looked inside the closet. Luminous green eyes peered out of a small, adorable face.


She laughed. "Need a pet, El?"

"Oh, don't even say that," he groaned.

Day 19: JAG (Coates, Mattie)



Jen sighed. Showing no mercy, she yanked back the quilt. "Let's go, Mattie. You need to get ready for school."

Mattie grumbled to herself as she stumbled toward the bathroom. "I hate you."

"I know." Jen returned to her bedroom and finished putting her hair up in her usual braid.

Mattie wandered out into the living room, locating her books for class. Before she left, she turned and said, "I don't really hate you."

Jen smiled. "I know. You just hate being woken up at oh-dark-hundred."

"You're spending too much time with Harm," Mattie replied, rolling her eyes.

Day 20: NCIS (Kate, Gerald)


"Hey." Gerald lifted his head and peered at his visitor. "Kate."

He began to grope for something with his good right hand. Kate hurried over. She grabbed the control for the bed. "Here. Let me." She pressed a button, and the bed moved.

Once Gerald was sitting up, Kate seemed at a loss for what to say. She clasped her hands in front of her and stared at the crisp hospital sheets.


She looked at the man in the bed. He gazed back at her, worry, pain, and an ineffable sadness combining in his usually lively dark eyes.

"It's not your fault." Kate's lips twisted into a smirk, but before she could reply, Gerald continued, "Ducky was right. You didn't know the rules. You didn't know what would happen."

"Gerald, I--" Her throat closed on the words. "I'm sorry."

He sighed. "I know."

"I, uh... I brought something for you," she said, digging through her purse. She pulled out a white, rectangular object with wires dangling from it.

"My iPod!" Gerald grinned at the penitent woman. "Thanks, Kate."

"It was the least I could do," she replied softly.

He paused. "You want to know what else you can do for me?"

"What?" She would do anything.

"Get that bastard for me."

She took a deep breath. "Okay."

Day 21: NCIS (Gibbs, Director Morrow)

"What the hell were you thinking, Agent Gibbs?"

Gibbs stared down the wrath of the NCIS director. "Just making his act more believable, sir."

The other man snorted. "And avenging Mr. Jackson's injury--and Agent Todd's kidnapping?"

"Would I do that, sir?" If Gibbs had been more like Tony, he would have been exuding injured innocence at the moment.

Director Morrow sighed and sat behind his desk. His gaze told Gibbs that, yes, of course he would do it. However, he replied, "The CIA isn't happy."

"Are they ever?"

"With you?" Morrow almost smiled. "No. Have you made it your mission to single-handedly alienate every law-enforcement agency in the US?"

At this, Gibbs did smile.

Day 22: NCIS/West Wing (Ducky, President Bartlet)

"Ah, Dr. Mallard!" Jed Bartlet strode over to the older man. "I've heard a lot about you. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise, Mr. President." Ducky smiled as he shook his hand.

"Please, have a seat." As the two men took seats in the center of the Oval Office, President Bartlet asked, "Is it true that you met President Kennedy?"

"Why, yes, it is." Ducky started shaking his index finger--a sign which boded ill for the President of the United States. "It was March of 1961..."

But for once, Ducky had a willing--living--audience.

Day 23: NCIS (Ducky/Kate; Gibbs, Kate)

Fold. Crease. Repetitive, soothing.

"Kate? What are you still doing here?"

Fold. Crease.

"Do you know the story of the thousand paper cranes?"

Scrape of a chair on the linoleum floor.


Smile. "It's said that a person who makes one thousand paper cranes will have a wish granted." Hold up the finished product. "Sixty-four." Take another piece of paper.

Hand running through silver hair. "Go home."

"He'd almost gotten there, you know." Fold. Crease. "Number nine hundred eighty-eight was waiting on my desk that morning."

A sigh. "Kate..."

"I knew what he would wish for." Whisper. "I even knew what my answer would be."

Day 24: NCIS (Tony/Kate)

"Dance with me, Kate."

She shook her head. "No, thank you."

"Aw, come on." He pouted. "Do you think I'll step on your toes?"

She studied him for a moment. No, she didn't think that. He had a certain quality that, in anyone else, she'd call grace. He was comfortable in his body. "I just don't feel like dancing right now, Tony," she demurred.

"Okay." He shrugged and sat beside her. "But you have to promise me a dance."

His smile was infectious. She laughed. "Fine. I promise I'll dance with you later."

Day 25: JAG/NCIS (AJ/Kate, Tony/Francesca)

The woman gasped, first in shock, then in indignation as he tried to wipe up the spill. Kate tried not to laugh, but she couldn't help it. "Only you, DiNozzo," she shook her head. "Only you would dump a cup of soda all over a woman you were trying to pick up."

"Shut up, Kate," Tony growled, before turning to the dark-haired woman and apologizing again.

Kate felt someone watching her. She looked at the tall, bald man beside Tony's victim. He looked as torn as Kate felt. "Forgive him," she said. "We don't usually let him out of the house."

Two pairs of brown eyes crinkled in amusement as a stream of Italian invective was hurled at the unfortunate agent.

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